The Education Service Area creates a classroom environment which is developmentally appropriate.  A safe and healthy environment helps to build positive self-esteem in children.  Every child receives developmental screenings.  Speech screenings are provided by referral. Children participate in a variety of learning activities, and are introduced to the concept of words and numbers to further their intellectual growth.  Children learn to express their feelings which facilitate the foundation for good communication skills. They are encouraged to engage in cooperative play with their peers, which develop social and emotional competence.



Prevention and early identification of health problems are the focus of the service area.

Medical and Dental: Screenings for hearing, vision, lead poisoning and dental are provided to each child and their siblings.
Mental Health:  Services are provided to encourage children's emotional and social development.  Staff and parents receive training, which enable them to identify the need for early intervention.



Children with special needs can learn more readily when mainstreamed.  At least ten (10) percent of Renaissance's enrollment is available to children with special needs. Children and their families receive comprehensive services and our staff work closely with community agencies to provide resources to meet their needs.Head Start may or may not be the proper setting for all children.  Meetings are held with parents, staff and outside professionals to determine whether RHS is the proper setting.



Upon enrollment, each child receives a complete nutrition evaluation to assess the child's dietary needs.  Head Start provides one to two thirds of the child's recommended daily allowances by providing breakfast/lunch/snack. Special consideration is given to each child's dietary needs.  Nutrition training is provided to parents and staff in selecting healthy foods, preparing nutritious meals, budgeting and shopping.



An essential part of Renaissance Head Start is the involvement of parents in every aspect of the program.  Parents are recognized as the primary educators of their children.  Parents are urged to participate in classrooms, attend workshops and monthly meetings, and also to be decision makers about the overall program.  Parent education workshop series are provided by Renaissance staff and staff from other human service agencies.



This service area assesses the needs of families and provides information to empower them to meet their own needs. Collaboration with community partners is essential in order to provide the highest level of services to children and families. Networking with community and city-wide agencies provide resources for referrals and crisis intervention which enables families to build their own individual strengths.


The following Literacy Services are available to the entire family:
  1. Tutoring Services/GED
  2. Information regarding educational opportunities
  3. Monthly "Take Home Activities"
  4. Monthly Book Club


Head Start may or may not be the proper setting for all children.  Meetings are held with parents, staff and outside professionals to determine whether RHS is the proper setting.  Renaissance provides transition activities and information from area schools so parents can make knowledgeable decisions in their school of choice for students moving on to kindergarten.


    Healthy Relationships - Training and Quarterly Newsletters - Male Involvement - Monthly Meetings

           I Am Moving I Am Learning - Activities are incorporated in daily classroom schedule to address

                              childhood obesity.


 Creating an educational environment

 of excellence, creativity and independent thinking,
 Renaissance Head Start provides children and families.