During the 1983 physical year, Rev. Charles E. Morton pastor of Metropolitan Baptist church met with a group of concerned church members regarding the expansion of Head Start services in Detroit. Metropolitan Baptist church Children and Youth Inc. submitted a proposal for headstart. And the rest is history. Metropolitan Baptist church and youth inc./Renaissance headstart was born.

The first single purpose nonprofit head start grantee in the city. The agency open two double session sites. Kiddie College and Joy United during the fall of 1984 employing approximately 16 employees. The agency funded enrollment was 150 children and families. September 1985 second grace was opened and Renaissance's first children care partnership was established with Do Re Me. Children care facility providing wrap around service for our families.

March 1986 Renaissance's funded enrollment was increased to 250 children and families. During the first 5 years of conception, the agency experienced several administrative changes, and in January 1989, Eva L Wilson was appointed program director and then the executive director for Renaissance Headstart until April 2017.

Since 1992, renaissance has had three expansion, increasing our funding enrollment to its current level of three hundred and fifty four children and families In 1990 two, Renaissance was the first headstart program in the city. To provide extended day services at our unity site. Children are in our care for 8 hours per day. In 2003 agencies collaborated first step, child care Academy for our second Child care partnership

Currently, Renaissance has 5 locations and 14 classrooms of the 286 funding and Enrollment slots all are extended day.

September 2003, the agency's name was changed to Metropolitan Children and Youth. Renaissance currently employs approximately 70 employees. A comprehensive services include health, nutrition, social service, early child care development transition mail involvement, parent involvement, health relationship, and literacy services, including GED training. 40 years of touching children and reaching families.